Cancer Voices NSW current action

Cancer Voices NSW has been informed by its members across NSW that the following broad areas should be our focus for action.

By “access” we mean physical access to cancer specialist services, to best practice care, to medical technology and infrastructure.

Cancer patients need better access to:

Cancer patients need better access to:
  • Radiotherapy services
  • Medical oncology services
  • Palliative care services
  • Multidisciplinary Care teams
  • Support services
  • More generous IPTAAS subsidy
  • Financial assistance and advice
  • Reliable information

Cancer Voices NSW is engaged in a number of campaigns and projects towards improving the above essentials of the cancer journey. We do this by working in partnership with, and influencing decision-makers.

Position statements

Submissions made


  • 80 Over 80 trained and informed consumer representatives.
  • 180 Sitting at decision-making tables (boards, committees, working parties
  • 16,000 Petitioned to reform the NSW Isolated Patients’ Travel and Accommodation Scheme

Cancer Voices NSW is entirely dependent on donations to operate.

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