Making a positive difference to the cancer experience

Many of our achievements have come about by encouraging and influencing other sectors of the cancer world to do the things CVN members recognise as needing to be done. Some are achieved on our own initiative. They are all aimed, at various levels, to make a positive difference to the cancer experience of people now, and of those who follow us.



Ongoing representation of the needs and ideas of thousands of people diagnosed and living with cancer


Cancer Consumer Advocacy Training program (commenced October 2001) developed and maintained (with Cancer Council NSW)


Successful planning of, and assistance to, the establishment of Cancer Voices in other states and territories, and nationally.


Raised awareness of need to reform the NSW Isolated Patients’ Travel and Accommodation Scheme: Petition of 16,000 in 2004


Senate Inquiry’s (June 2005) top recommendation calls for a Directory of Cancer Services and Specialists to be developed by Cancer Voices in association with Cancer Australia


Publication of the Charter of Cancer Consumer Values, November 2005 & 2008, in response to the Paris Charter Against Cancer, launched NSW Parliament House, 1 March 2006. Charter of Values


Complementary Therapies Conference 23 OCtober 2005: mounted with Cancer Council NSW; Complementary and Alternative Therapies Position Statement


Provision of regular advice to decision-makers about issues of importance to people affected by cancer Issues Leaflet and Newsletters


Productive planning with Cancer Council NSW to improve co-ordination of, assistance and access to cancer support groups


Input via submissions to Inquiries, participation in seminars and presentations to conferences on all topics of importance to cancer consumers


Development of, and participation in, the Consumer Involvement in Research Project (with The Cancer Council). Set of Cancer Consumer Values Criteria for application to research proposals.


Over 60 trained and informed consumer representatives sitting at 180 decision-making tables (boards, committees, working parties)


Radiotherapy Campaign: Participated in A Roadmap for NSW Radiotherapy (pub. May 2009), the NSW Radiotherapy Catch-Up Plan (ANZR Journal Aug 09), sought Audit Office Investigation into Management of NSW Radiotherapy Services (Report 23 June 2009), et al.


Lobbied for a consumer friendly website for finding suitable cancer clinical trials – participated in its development and  launch 4 Feb 2010 – Australian Cancer Trials.


Promotion of dialogue between major stakeholders to improve co-ordination of cancer services in NSW (NSW Health, Cancer Institute NSW and Area Health Services)


Publication of ‘A Decade of Success‘.


Memorandums of Understanding re inclusion of Cancer Voices signed with Cancer Council NSW and the Cancer Institute NSW


Radiotherapy for Public Cancer Patients on Central Coast Campaign


Consumer access to lists of cancer specialists and multidisciplinary care teams, via CanNET (Cancer Australia) Canrefer


Regular review of fact sheets about cancer, available from Cancer Council NSW


Successful proposal to MOGA to survey medical oncologists across Australia with view to ascertaining gaps for further action.


Successfully advocated for “on demand” consumer access to pathology reports


Ongoing participation in cancer services planning of major Area Health Services


Held cancer consumer forums to gather view about advocacy focus and the way ahead – Consumer Forum: Nothing about us without us

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